Kieran Sauboorah

Personal Trainer.

I’m passionate about helping you meet your fitness goals. I understand the daunting prospect that’s planning an exercise routine into your already hectic schedule.

I appreciate that everyone has a unique driver for getting fit. Whether its training for a marathon or dropping a dress size, I’ll tailor a combined fitness and nutritional program that’s realistic and achievable.

As part of the journey to the ‘new you’, I will help adapt your nutrition and help change your relationship with food in the sense ‘you are what you eat’ to encourage the fitness process.

My coaching will take you on a journey. It’s one that can be life changing. Pushing boundaries together, I’m about teamwork and motivation.

My aim is to empower you to enjoy being active and see the results in your health, strength and flexibility. You’ll see this reflected on several levels, not least your increased confidence and self-esteem.

More About Us
Transformation Coaach

Transformation Coach

Transform mentally to see the physical result, it starts from within.

Weight Managament

Advance Weight Management

Adapting fitness into your lifestyle, not lifestyle around fitness.

Muscle Growth

Muscle Growth

Using science to improve your body composition .

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

It's simple once you know how.

Think better, Eat better, Feel better, Look better

Kieran's Testimonials

“In just eight months, I have seen a life changing difference! Kieran really tailors a program to your needs, and even on the day, we might work harder or ease off a bit depending on how you are feeling. Training is varied, and it is never boring, in fact I look forward to our workouts. It’s peace of mind I am helping myself.”

“It only took a few days until I noticed I felt more energised after only two sessions with Kieran. Working with him feels like a fun experience it’s not that dreadful feeling, I must go to the gym! Kieran does not judge, he just wants to help with his knowledge and motivates you to think about all aspects of your life. I owe him so much!”

Kieran Alexander Sauboorah

Tel:07817 738673