Kieran Sauboorah

Kieran Sauboorah

I was always sporty as a youngster but, early into my teenage years, I gained a lot of weight and completely lost all my confidence.

Somehow I pushed myself to go to the gym, and slowly but surely I shifted my excess weight, gained back my confidence, and my self-esteem. This was pure determination and grit, I had no clue about how to drop body fat. I only had the understanding that exercise helps, and was eating minimal with little energy even though the workouts were vigorous.

I learnt that exercise and fitness is not only for physical health, but mental and emotional too. Since then my life revolves around maintaining my fitness but also in helping others achieve a balanced wellbeing through coaching them.

My company Reformation Training is the culmination of years spent at David Lloyds group where I felt alive in a position where I could help people achieve their goals.

I competed in my first ‘physique‘ competition eight months after qualifying as a personal trainer. I was so disappointed as despite an enormous increase and intensity to workouts and dieting for 14 weeks, I was placed sixth out of 26 in my category.

In a way this set back spurred me forwards. A year later after even more training and focus, I competed again and was beyond thrilled with my first place in one category, and fourth in another.

My training was extremely intense and I realised that the key to success as a personal trainer/coach is to adapt a programs on a very individual basis.

Factoring in every clients work and available time, but also their eating habits and their relationship with food, I am dedicated to achieving my clients 

How I can help you:

I pride myself at looking at clients’ lifestyles holistically. My success at helping change peoples’ lives into fit and healthy ones is about making their exercise program fun and sustainable.

Achieving your fitness goals means physically, mentally and emotionally. Fitness for means wellbeing, and an ability to cope better with stress, challenges at work, relationships, and living life to the full. 

Together we will set off on a journey to become the ‘new you’. Facing physical and mental obstacles like the fear factor when you walk into a gym, or the fear of a press-up or the fear of running.

I design a bespoke program based on each clients’ natural movement and posture so as to offer precise exercises that will be most effective.

My training methods are all solely based around resistance / weight training. Combing strength work, cardio and stretching as well as a daily step count and the concept of NEAT.

As an expert nutritional advisor I integrate an awareness of nutrition, better eating habits and propose changes that are realistic to maximise the success as your coach.

I offer my initial consultation for free, before devising your program and the start of a healthier new you.

Kieran Alexander Sauboorah

Tel:07817 738673